Sunday, January 02, 2005

R V UKCC ex.p CJ [2001]

A nurse was disciplined and a UKCC hearing invoked to consider whether to strip her of her UKCC registration (which would mean she couldn’t practice). She did not lose her registration but was cautioned for 5 years. It was said on her behalf that this was an inconsistent (if not perverse) verdict and sentence on the evidence that had been heard. The Board held to their decision and were asked for reasons based on the common law reasons case R v $ex p.Doody which request was refused. A JR was commenced but was quashed by consent on the basis of Brabazon-Denning (which was behind in the pipeline but due to procedural difficulties with our case was heard first) which argued the same point about the common law duty to give reasons for a decision of a public body.

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